Home Owner's Association Code of Ethics

April 1, 2015Posted by HOA


As an Officer on our Board and knowing that our H.O.A. is the only legal entity representing all homeowner, I will:

  1. Protect the rights of every homeowner of following the law, includng Florida Statutes Chapter 723.
  2. Do nothing to violate the trust of member homeowners who elected or appointed me to the H.O.A. Board or committee.
  3. Avoid any conflict of interest by directing my service and layalty only to the protection of our homeowners and not to park management.
  4. Perform all duties and obligations as set forth in our corporate by-laws.
  5. Not use my position on our H.O.A. Board or committee for my own personal advantage or ego or tot he ego orpersonal advantage of friends of supporters.
  6. Show no favoritism to any individula or group.
  7. Never exercise authority as a Board Member except when acting in a meeitng with quorum of the Board or a quorum of the members as stated in Florida Statutes Chapter 723.
  8. Allow no Board Members of Committee person to bear falsse witness against any homeowner.
  9. Maintain transparency on the finance and activities of the H.O.A. Board to members.
  10. Investigate and accompany any homeowner to the park office if in conflict with park management.
  11. Insure that homeowners will be notified of all meetings and their location so that they may attend.

Welcome to Harbor View Mobile Manor HOA

April 1 2015Posted by Loretta Wilmoth


New Dance Chairperson is Linda Duff. Thank you Linda for volunteering. Also Thank You Darelene for offering to help out with the transition process!

Any ideas for Summer Activities, please contact a HOA Board Member.

Any ides for projects to be included in a wish lit for Park Improvements, contact a HOA Board Member, so it can be included for submission.

2014 - 2015 Social / Dance Committee

April 1, 2015Posted by Darlene Young


Thank you Harbor View residents, we had 122 residents and guests in attendance at our "Country Hoe Down" Dance. We thank you for your support!

Congratulations to Carolyn Morong and Joanne Parker for winning the prizes. Also, congratulations to Georette Rosselli and June Erwin for winning the 25/25 drawings.

Our LAST Dance of the season will be held on Saturday, April 4th. The theme for this dance will be "Senior Prom". So, get your fancy dresses and suits out and come out and join us. Of course you know, you can always "come as your are". Our entertainment for the evening is "Buddy Vee".

It is important that you bring your 2015 activity caard for all dances. If you do not have your activity card, it will cost you $6.00 at the door. With your card it is only $4.00.

As everyone knows by now, this is my last dance as chairperson. I want to thank my committee for their continued dedication and support. Janet Bodoell, Pat Phillips, Ginny Silva, Gary Riddle, Steve Heitmeyer, Bill Whiting and Eddie Anderson.

I also wish to thank the HOA Board for their support during the past three years. And of course, dances would not have been a success without the support of our residents. Thanks for coming out to the dances and showing your support.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my roles as Social/Dance Committee Chairperson. Thank you all for allowing me to serve the residents and at the same time, I have had fun in hiring the bands and decorating the hall for our variouos themes.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and healthy summer.

Community Manager

April 1, 2015Posted by Rick Aronson



We are entering April and many of our projects are completed with more about to happen. We have added beautiful aerator to Eastlake and Westlake. The solar lights and Robellini Palms have been installed along Louisiana Avenue. The Community Center and Pool House exteriors have been painted. Inside the Clubhouse, we have added 4 new ceiling fans, a commercial icemaker and both bathrooms have been updated. We also have installed an air hose by the pool houose that will service bikes, golf carts and cars.

Several Vendors are offering resident specials

Lawn Techs is offering 1 Robellini (3 trunk) installed w/mulch for $120; 2 or more at $110 each.

Knight Pest Control is offering:

  • 1 full year Guaranteed pest control for $99.00 ($89.00 if paid annually)
  • 6 fertilization & insecticide and 2 broadleaf weed control for $120 ($108 if paid annually)

ELS is offering FREE SHRED IT event on April 11, 2015 at Country Place, great way to destroy old documents. Call the office with any questions: 727-849-7772.