Welcome to Harbor View Mobile Manor HOA

April 1 2015Posted by Loretta Wilmoth


New Dance Chairperson is Linda Duff. Thank you Linda for volunteering. Also Thank You Darelene for offering to help out with the transition process!

Any ideas for Summer Activities, please contact a HOA Board Member.

Any ides for projects to be included in a wish lit for Park Improvements, contact a HOA Board Member, so it can be included for submission.

Summer is Here!

June/July 1, 2015Posted by HOA


The sun is shining - it's hot out there. Remember to take care of yourself (stay hydrated and use sunscreen). Watch out for the traffic - the congestion on the roads, most schools being out and the influ of vacationers takingTadvantage of the amenities our state has to offer.

This newsletter is a combind June/July edition. The activities for June and July are isted in this one edition, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause out residents. The newsletter is expected to resume in August.

The new Phonebooks are out. They are being given to the residents that are here now. The Block Captains have copies for our northern residents as they return and also for any new residents to our park. There was a form placed inside for any errors/corrections (as needed) for our 2016 book. We realize the book was a long time in the making but we hope the finished product makes up for the wait.

Take advantage of our pool - the "new" rules should be in place. If using the pool in the evenings, before leaving PLEASE PUT DOWN THE UMBRELLAS. We don't have a designated person to do this in the evenings. This will help prevent the umbrellas being damaged due to the weather. Rick, our manager, wants to remind everyone these are expensive to keep replacing and the budget doesn't always provide for replacement as soon as we might wish for them to be replaced.

We have a new Karaoke chairperson. Kay Anderson decided to resign from this activity. Darlene Young has volunteered to take this over. We want to thank Kay for chairing this activity and on the remarkable job she has done. Also, we appreciate Darlene for volounteering. She is already scheduling the entertainment for the upcoming season, 2015 - 2016. It promises to be a really good season. Thank you both so much. We really couldn't function without our volunteers.

The latest minutes of the meetng with our manager has been signed and posted in the clubhouse for your convenience. There is going to be significant and noticeable activity in the park this summer. The manager apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this may cause our residents, but he hopes we appreciate the results it produces.

A REMINDER TO BE COURTEOUS: Please be courteous when visitng the office. Rick and Jennifer are employees of ELS. They are doing the job they were hired to do. This job can be very stressful for them, especially when having to deal with situations throughout the community that might directly effect the residents. Rick's job is to maintain the standards of this park outined in the prospectus. This is the job that ELS hired him to do. We, as residents, "agreed" when we bought in this park to abide by these rules / regulations (the prospectus) of this park. We as prosprective buyers were responsible to learn about these issues prior to purchasing here. Please be courteous when meeting with the manager (he likes this park / he likes the residents). YOU have the ability to set the tempo of these meetings -- respect gets respect in return.

Community Manager

June/July 2015Posted by Rick Aronson


Rules & Regulations / Prospectus Review for Harbor View Mobile Manor

A reminder of some rules:

Dog poop must be picked up and disposed of properly. Do not throw dog baggies in the canals.

Any exterior modifications (painting, etc.) must be preapproved.

Work done must be from a licensed & insured contractor.

Shirts must be worn in the common areas of the Community.

Visiting children may not play in the streets.

If you're selling your home, requested repairs must be addressed within 30 days of sale.

Up-to-date REGISTRATION for every home must be visible.


Solution reports should be signed, dated and submitted to the office.

If you don't have a copy of the Rules & Regulations, please come to the office and we will be happy to provide a copy for you.